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The boutique hotel Badhaus **** is located in a previously inaccessible courtyard, between historic buildings, right in the centre of Brixen – in place of a late medieval bath, the ‘padehaus an dem Griezze’. This was first operated by the ‘Bader’ of Brixen around 1374.

The Badhaus offers 21 specially designed rooms and space for socialising. Highlights: a small roof terrace, a sheltered inner courtyard and an art passage. This leads visitors through the Viertel Bar into the streets of the old town and into the intimate inner courtyard with its art, nature and water.

In the chic Viertel Bar, travellers and locals meet for original ‘mezze’, exclusive drinks and an extensive selection of local craft beers. Viertel Bier, which is produced at the own brewery in Schabs, plays the leading role.

On a journey, what is your focus?

+ Recharging

+ Culture & art

+ Culinary


Stylish city experience: 21 modern rooms in the centre of Bressanone/Brixen

Square metres

Relaxation in every room: your haven of peace in the heart of the city!

Altitude metres

560 metres above sea level, 300 days of sunshine a year


In the old town of Brixen, the Badhaus rises as a careful revival, shaping an inner courtyard and breathing life into historic alleyways, squares and gardens through new connections, while precise investigations and sensitive adaptations to the existing building result in open spaces that serve as dialogue spaces between old and new for the entire city. The new building makes skilful use of the available space, combining different volumes and rising in a slender, upwardly tapering form that gives the courtyard generous space, while green roofs on the terraces offer new vantage points and privacy

Badhaus new construction 2024 | Bergmeisterwolf Architecture Interior Architecture Design

What does space mean to you?

+ Encounter

+ Dialogue

+ Community


The idea of designing an art passage through which guests enter the Badhaus and the inner courtyard was realised in collaboration with the South Tyrolean Artists’ Association. The artist’s vision is to bring to life a ‘liquid starry sky’ on the ceiling. The work consists of light sources and light reflections and takes up the idea of the water of the original bathhouse. The starry sky is made up of hundreds of clay hands. ‘Shaking hands’ symbolises solidarity and exchange.

The bathrobe sculpture, which ties in with the history of the bathhouse, welcomes guests at the hotel entrance.

Liquid starry sky & bathrobe sculpture | Michael Fliri | South Tyrol

What does art mean to you?

+ Dreaming

+ Inspiration

+ Creativity

+ Melting

Viertel Garage

In the Viertel Garage in Stufels, designed by Harry Thaler, the garage space is rethought. A multi-dimensional, nub-like pattern moulded from concrete runs vertically across the entire width of the garage. Thaler’s masterful ability lies in transforming concrete into a work of art. The walls not only fulfil a functional purpose, but also evoke a sense of wonder. The innovative underground garage combines modernity and tradition and offers a surprising experience.

Viertel Garage | Harry Thaler | South Tyrol

How do you travel?

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+ Bike

+ Car

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